Grow in Nature and in Happiness

Explore the natural link between our well-being and the planet.  

Your Daily Well-Being Moment

Slow down so you can speed up. It may sound counterintuitive, but slowing down can actually help you be more productive. Designate moments of mindfulness to slow down and be present throughout your day.

Has your manager demonstrated a commitment to your or your team’s well-being?

Nominate him/her/them as a Well-Being Manager of the Month.

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Connect with the well-being community

Share your goals, get and give support, and celebrate yourself and your colleagues.

Looking at my almost 90 yrs old mother gives me the motivation to do more for myself…"


Along this coronavirus pandemic, I find a way to relax by taking long walks after work and listen to music meanwhile.”


In February 2020 we started eating primarily plant based with occasional cheese, fish and pasture raised eggs. I also am starting a new goal of practicing yoga a min. of 2 times a week and my PT a min. of 3 times a week. I have also been spending more time reading, and occasionally coloring or doing puzzles.”

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Take simple steps to improve your well-being.

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