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Celebrate the professional contributions and personal achievements of your colleagues around the world with Kudos, AECOM’s global service award and informal social recognition program.

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Give kudos anytime, anywhere

With Kudos, you can send personalized e-cards and badges to recognize colleagues for a job well done, for exemplifying an AECOM core value, for lending a helping hand or to celebrate a personal event such as a birthday or graduation.

There’s also a social feed where you can post congratulatory messages to celebrate — and encourage others to celebrate — your colleagues’ achievements.

Celebrating AECOM service

In addition to sending kudos, employees who reach a 5-year milestone (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service) with AECOM, beginning with 5 years of service, will receive points that they can use to purchase a broad range of locally-relevant awards from the Kudos Rewards Marketplace. Choose from nearly 1 million local award options, including merchandise, gift cards, experiential awards and more across over 2,000 top brands.

You can even give back to the community by choosing to donate your points to a charity.

Start spreading kindness and gratitude by giving kudos*.

*If you are an RSS employee, you can access the Kudos program here.

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