Well-Being Moments

Share a photo of a financial goal


Post a photo of something you are saving for on your WellBeingAtAECOM.com profile. Share why your goal is important to you with the Global Well-Being Community. Show your support for others who share their financial goal photos.

Make money fun


Making money fun can help you shift your perspective and relieve financial stress. Get creative about low-cost activities and use the money saved to boost one of your financial well-being goals.

Create, or revisit, your budget


Create, or revisit, a monthly budget to track your debt, savings and spending. Reviewing your budget regularly will help you make adjustments when needed, while keeping track of your progress toward your financial well-being goals.

Identify your financial well-being goals


Identify your top financial well-being goals, such as paying off student loans, contributing more to your retirement plan or saving for a big purchase. Write them down and place them where you will see them often. Seeing your goals will motivate you to take consistent action.

Learn a new financial word


Build your financial literacy by increasing your vocabulary. Understanding how finances work helps you take steps toward building healthy spending and saving habits.

Make your next meeting a walk and talk


Make your next meeting a walk and talk. If you have an in-person or virtual meeting that doesn’t require you to be in front of the computer, make it a walking meeting (a “walk and talk”). It’s a great way to get up and get moving, and sneak in some steps for the day.

Drink a large cup of water


Drink a large cup of water. What’s the key to keeping your brain, muscles, metabolism and other body systems working at their best? Hydration! So take a break from what you’re doing and drink some water.

Reach out to friends or family for a virtual gathering


Reach out to an old friend, get your regular group together for a virtual happy hour, gather the family to celebrate a special occasion or plan any other meetup — virtually or in person when it’s safe. Connecting with friends and family strengthens your relationships and can help you feel happier. And it might be just the check in that someone else needs to boost their mood as well.

Take a 5-10 minute creative break today


Take a 5-10 minute creative break today. Stretch, doodle, dance, chat with a friend — any little break to refresh your brain and invigorate your creativity. It can help you see situations in a new way and improve your ability to solve problems, which can help you be more productive. And you’ll feel happier too.

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