Well-Being Resources

Find resources to support your well-being below. 

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Additional Resources

Resources for Managers

Be a Positive Leader

View this infographic to learn ways to encourage others and be a positive leader.


Create an action plan to start and stick to a budget.

Conserve Water

Create an action plan to conserve water at home and at work.

Diet and Exercise Tips for Busy People

Learn how even the busiest people can stay fit by changing their daily routine.

Digital Detox

Create an action plan for a digital detox.

EAP Global Directory

Find EAP phone numbers by country.

EAP Toolkit

Read this guide for an introduction to the EAP, so you know how the EAP can help when a team member is in need.

Eat Mindfully

Create an action plan to practice mindful eating.

Give Back

Create an action plan for giving back to the community.

Health Screenings

Track your family’s health screenings throughout the year.

Health Screenings Checklist

Learn how to prepare, what questions to ask and what to expect at a health screening.

Local Financial Well-Being Resources

Access free financial resources specific to your country.

Local Health Screenings Coverage

See how to get a health check in your country and what’s covered.

Local Healthy Plates/Nutrition Guide

See nutrition guidelines specific to your country, as well as healthy eating resources.

Local Retirement Calculators

Do you know much money you’ll need to live well financially when you retire?

Manage Depression

Create an action plan to avoid or overcome depression.

Manager’s Guide to Mental Well-Being

Learn how to listen, guide and help your staff recognize any mental health related issues — and help them find solutions.


Create an action plan to improve your recycling habits at home and work.


Create and action plan to be more resilient.

Save Money

Create an action plan to save money.

Show Gratitude

Create an action plan to show your gratitude.

Sleep Better

Create an action plan for getting better quality sleep.

Tech-Free Family Fun Ideas

There are many ways you can pry your kids away from their gadgets. Try these ideas for tech-free family fun.

The Hidden Costs of Caregiving

Caring for children and aging parents can be stressful, emotionally and financially. Learn how to manage your stress.

Well-Being Activity Ideas

Here are some activities that you can organize on your own or at your work location.

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