Praveen Gupta

We all are witness to such unpreceded times globally which a few months ago, no one could have imagined in our wildest of imaginations. No one globally is spared of the current situation and its impact either big or small.   This has brought everyone to the same level playing field irrespective of their stature being rich or poor, race, gender, ethnicity, or age. During these times, with the barrage of information on the 24×7 news channels, social media and numerous other sources of information, it is natural to get anxious, concerned, and worried for ourselves and our loved one’s well-being.

As we look around, we also come across great stories of empathy, care, dedication, self-less duty, and love across the globe which motivates us to fight with the huge challenge and the assurance that one day we will overcome this pandemic.   Governments are doing their bit everywhere, but it is the sacrifice of the individuals such as doctors and health workers, police and local administration, armed forces etc. which stands out in such trying times.   We all can make a huge difference however seemingly small may be our contribution to fight this in our own way. There have been examples like contributing to the NGOs for providing food/relief material to the poor families, helping your own help providers, staying connected with your colleagues sometimes just to check on their well-being, connecting with old friends etc.  Some of these have given me such a great feeling which is difficult to express in words. However, the message is clear that we all are in it together and this is the only way that we can come out of this.