Share Your Well-Being Moments Using #MyMomentToBeWell

Share your well-being moment ideas with your family, friends and colleagues. Post a photo or video to or using #MyMomentToBeWell. Come back often to see how others around the globe take a well-being moment.

We also encourage you to take well-being moments during virtual meetings with your AECOM colleagues and clients.

Note: If your Instagram or Twitter profile is set to private, your photo/video won’t appear here or on the #MyMomentToBeWell social media feeds. If you choose, you can change your privacy settings in your Instagram or Twitter profile. Or you can email your photos/videos to GlobalWellBeing@aecom.com.

When posting, please keep in mind AECOM’s Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct. You will need to be logged into the AECOM network to access these documents.