Managers of the Month

Congratulations to the following managers for being recognized as a Manager of the Month for Well-Being at AECOM! And thank you for doing an exceptional job of supporting employee well-being!

Heather Archer, San Diego, CA, USA

Heather has absolutely demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the well-being of our team! She is an incredible mentor, and most importantly, supportive of our ideas, objectives, and goals. She has let us lead in our role and grow into our best selves.

Christie Baker, Boston, MA, USA

Christie is not just a manager but a leader. Only a leader actually cares for the team’s well-being in addition to managing the team. She does an exceptional job in dealing with each team member individually.

Karen Barrow, London Aldgate, UK

Karen is a fantastic role model to all of those around her including her team, colleagues and seniors. She takes an active interest in promoting the positive wellbeing of her team and is always available to offer support or guidance to those in need. Karen takes regular check-ins with her team seriously, which has a positive impact on her employees — it certainly makes me feel appreciated, heard and even more comfortable with approaching her for any issues — work or personal. She demonstrates a flexible management style which recognises that people may have their good days and their bad days and that employees have lives outside of work and she incorporates this sensitivity in her interactions to support and enable healthy work-life wellbeing. I feel that Karen is a key influence on my day-to-day motivation and performance and would love for her to be recognised for this.

Wei Tao Chen, New York City, NY, USA

He is an exceptional manager who encourages his team members to work together and learn from each other. He has a positive attitude and is quick to point out our positive achievements.

Andrea Crott, Ontario, Canada

Andrea is very responsive to the concerns of his group and works to find solutions in a timely manner and within his realm of influence. Knowing that someone is there to support you at work (i.e., working with you) reduces some of the stress of work.

Brendan Cusick, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Brendan is consistently supportive when I need to modify my schedule for my personal well-being. He is available to effectively listen to myself and other members of the team when situations arise both with clients and issues outside of work. He objectively listens to his team members and help us accomplish work goals and stay engaged.

Brian DeAnda, Fresno, CA, USA

Brian has been interactive and concerned about our well-being both as a person and employee. He is always up to date on company policy and software as well as consistency in his management style.

Raquel Diaz, New York, NY, USA

Raquel deserves to be not just the Manager of the Month but Manager of the Year(s)! She supports employee well-being and is an excellent overall manager.

Christy Dolan, San Diego, CA, USA

While Christy is busy with her own work, if I request a listening ear, she is always willing and happy to give me her complete focus. I know that she will listen to my thoughts and concerns, help me turn my ideas into actions, and be an advocate for my career. She is not afraid to discuss difficult issues, and I know I can always count on her support.

Chris Dopke, Philadelphia PA, USA

Chris has always been and remains very supportive, a good listener and has always done his best for AECOM and for the well-being of his employees. His honesty, integrity and communication are unmatched and are a big part of his employees’ well-being. Chris provides numerous learning experiences, growth opportunities, and promotes collaboration and new technology, and has created a department that works together as a unified team to provide the best product for the client and represent AECOM with respect and dedication.

Ausra-Kristina Dzidolikaite, Germany

Ausra-Kristina has a positive effect on our community and motivates others to do well.

Bob Groth, Roanoke, VA, USA

Bob has been a great leader for many years and is quite deserving of this recognition. He has created an enjoyable atmosphere to work while juggling all the projects that require his attention. His hands-on approach, and daily personal contact with his studio members, is a comfort. He maintains a cheerful disposition, no matter the stress he’s under, and garners great respect from his fellow employees for the professionalism and proficiency he displays.

Praveen Gupta, India

Praveen is one of several great local leaders who truly care for not just their direct reports but for people around them when it comes to well-being. Definitely each of them exceptionally have played a large role in enhancing the well-being of employees. I am personally privileged to have closely worked with them and to have gained insight to stay well and to spread the importance of well-being.

Kelli Hardy, Newcastle, Australia

Kelli makes sure that her team understands that their well-being (both physical and mental) comes first. This also doesn’t stop with the employee, the well-being of our families is also considered. She is extremely supportive and conducts regular check-ins with team members to understand if anyone is feeling stressed or overloaded, and will attempt to organise a way to share workload and relieve pressure wherever possible. Having a manager who is genuinely focused on my wellbeing is one of the top reasons I choose to continue my career with AECOM.

Steve Hodgetts, Chesterfield, UK

Steve is so supportive and approachable and deserves a thumbs up!

Jeffrey Horne, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeffrey deserves to be recognized for supporting his team’s well-being!

Irfan Kalhoro, Cardiff, CA, USA

Irfan does whatever it takes to get the project done. He helps his co-workers coworkers whenever he can, and he pitches in on whatever task may need help.

Bernie Knobbe, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bernie is ALWAYS supporting his team’s well-being and always puts their work/life balance above all else. Makes such a difference having a manager who not only supports, but encourages your well-being at work and beyond.

Carla Korpijaakko, Ontario, Canada

Carla is very patient and invested in building up the skillset of the people she manages in order to encourage growth of her staff helps staff find a vision for professional goals.

Carl Lagasca, New York, NY, USA

Carl demonstrates exemplary leadership and deserves to be recognized for supporting employee well-being.

Mark Lampard, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Mark continuously shows his dedication to the team and fully supported us through the Global Well-Being Month!

Chris Levitz, Houston, TX, USA

Chris always has the interests of the entire team in mind and often champions group social activities, such as a regular rock climbing outing at a local gym. He is very supportive of his employees’ professional and educational development and always takes the time to check in to make sure we have the support we need. He encourages his team to be open to challenges and new opportunities, setting us up for success to achieve our professional goals collectively and individually.

Millette Litzinger, San Jose, CA, USA

Millette demonstrates a true commitment to the well-being of her team. She participates in a weekly instructor led bootcamp with other office employees, organizes a weekly yoga class in our office with a certified yoga instructor, and participates in our GP2W committee to promote office participation. She is a true inspiration and encourages others to aim for their health goals and engage in group activities.

David Lombard, Boston, MA, USA

David is a supportive and considerate manager. He considers our needs as staff and puts the people he manages’ needs before his own. He gives concise and direct constructive criticism and motivates his staff to perform over and above what is expected of them. He is an example of how to work in an ethical and professional manner.

Anoushka Martil, Ontario, Canada

Anoushka genuinely cares about the well-being of each team member. She supports us with aspects related to our work and personal lives, encourages us to tap into our individual strengths and gives us the momentum to continue growing professionally. She recognizes our efforts for work well done and creates a positive work environment.

Stacy Newcomer, Olyphant, PA, USA

Stacy has added many programs and opportunities for our staff to increase our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In addition to our regular safety moment to kick off staff meetings, Stacy instituted closing each meeting with a well-being moment with tips and ideas to be more stress-free and healthy in all aspects of life. She also put into place the Value Matters program, which allows staff to give shout-outs to other staff members for going above and beyond the call of duty in regards to work. Several times Stacy has initiated competitions to encourage healthy behaviors, including a weight-loss challenge and a challenge to see who can log the most walking/biking trips.

Kim Norberg, Orlando, FL, USA

Kim is incredibly supportive of all wellness events. She has allowed me to continue my commitment to the Healthy Worksite Committee and has helped out when last minute things are needed. She leads by example. She is a regular attendee at a gym and has a rigorous fitness regimen. The two of us have even had our own challenges from time to time so that we could have the extra motivation as well as an accountability partner. Finally, Kim not only shows up to support our events, she will send me suggestions for potential future topics. She has also joined me on weekends to participate in community events! She is an all-around great manager and wellness is one of the many ways she supports me here at AECOM.

Knut Olberg, Chicago, IL, USA

Knut leads by example. He guides his team and answers technical questions about the work. He encourages learning and growth in the construction field. He acts as a mentor to those around him. He shows the proper way to manage subcontractors using authority and respect. He encourages team building emphasizing each person’s importance as part of the whole. Knut offers regular feedback to the team giving praise, direction and correction as needed. He’s someone who builds people up to become better at their job and offers new responsibilities and opportunities for growth.

Todd Orenstein, New York, USA

Todd has been instrumental in making my transition into the company frictionless. He is very understanding, listens, and is open to reverse mentoring. He has been an exceptional example of leadership, and I strive to model my leadership style after Todd’s.

Tony Parncutt, St. Albans, UK

Tony has been tremendously supportive of my well-being. He has been there to listen, offer me advice, and has genuinely always had my welfare and best interests at heart. Tony’s dedicated caring approach has most definitely made a difference in my work life balance.

Britta Patkowski, Ontario, Canada

Britta genuinely cares about the well-being of each one of us on our team and checks in with us on a regular basis to ensure that we have professional support. She supports our work-life and personal life and encourages us to tap into our individual strengths and give us the momentum to continue growing professionally.

N. Kumar Pitchumani, India

N. Kumar is one of several great local leaders who truly care for not just their direct reports but for people around them when it comes to well-being. Definitely each of them exceptionally have played a large role in enhancing the well-being of employees. I am personally privileged to have closely worked with them and to have gained insight to stay well and to spread the importance of well-being.

Gottumukkala V.R. Raju, India

Gottumukkala is one of several great local leaders who truly care for not just their direct reports but for people around them when it comes to well-being. Definitely each of them exceptionally have played a large role in enhancing the well-being of employees. I am personally privileged to have closely worked with them and to have gained insight to stay well and to spread the importance of well-being.

C.B.K. Rao, India

C.B.K. is one of several great local leaders who truly care for not just their direct reports but for people around them when it comes to well-being. Definitely each of them exceptionally have played a large role in enhancing the well-being of employees. I am personally privileged to have closely worked with them and to have gained insight to stay well and to spread the importance of well-being.

Michele Samuels, Markham, ON, Canada

Michele is a strong advocate for her team and always gives due consideration to how work can intersect with personal wellbeing. She is always very approachable and understanding, also finding opportunities to check in when needed.

Jane Scott, Basingstoke, UK

Jane helps me with any emotional support I needed. She is very approachable too!

Ilya Sher, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Ilya embodies a calm demeanor that helps team members feel comfortable approaching him when they feel stressed or overwhelmed — whether it be if their personal life is affecting their work or their work life itself. Higher quality work comes as a result of working hard for someone you admire and respect. This is the drive that Ilya brings to his department everyday while juggling his busy schedule, family and work load.

Vikki Smith, Birmingham, UK

Vikki is continually supporting colleague well-being and goes above and beyond what is expected from a manager, dedicating both in and out of hours support to her team.

Lindsey Sousa, Greenwood Village, CO, USA

Lindsey started a workout group here in the office, and we now have a trainer that comes once a week to run class.

Brent Steranka, Regina, SK, Canada

Brent leads by example, cares about safety, cares about all of his employees, works hard and does this all while ensuring that his team consistently performs to the best of their abilities. If I ever am unsure or need to talk with him he is always there to answer the phone even when he is on vacation!

David Swain, Cincinnati, OH, USA

I would like to nominate my manager, David Swain, for doing an exceptional job supporting employee well-being. I recently have returned from maternity leave and prior to me leaving he spent extra time making sure I was supported and on projects that accommodated my schedule. He also put into place a plan for if I were to go into labor at work and a return plan. During my leave he checked in to make sure I was doing well. Once I returned he took the time to have a return briefing with me to make sure I was fully caught up and he implemented a plan for easing me back into work. He preaches to all of his employees how important mental health and well-being is and understands that good well-being is important to get quality work done. The maternity leave was just one example of the many times he has done an EXCEPTIONAL job of supporting employee well-being at AECOM. He made it possible to come back to work without the stresses of getting acquainted with my new schedule and getting back into project work.

Michael Weldon, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

I have been working for a while now with Michael, and I think he does a great job at AECOM.

Kelli Wilson, Crane, IN, USA

Kelli is always personable and compassionate as she carries out her managerial duties in an ethical and professional manner. She truly cares about the well-being of her employees without a doubt. She also cares about her customers and their well-being. Having a manager right there when you need them — who cares about you personally and professionally — can’t be beat. Her team members are a top priority as she carries out her day-to-day tasks. One of her many great strengths is ensuring we are mentally healthy and that we feel free to reach out to her for help if life isn’t always a rose garden.

Managers Pledge to Well-Being

If you didn’t get a chance to share your pledge to supporting employee well-being, you still can by posting on Chatter or by sharing a photo or video on Instagram or Twitter with #MyMomentToBeWell. Here are some recent pledges to inspire you:

Dave Beddell, UK & Ireland

I have joined Well-Being at AECOM and have set my goals to improve my fitness and sleep! By syncing my Fitbit device I will have to hold myself to account! Any challenges out there?

Yogendra Chauhan, Gandhinagar, India

Every day is a new day to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy. Let’s do it!

Renae Coleman, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I pledge to help my team find wellness/mindfulness moments in their daily routines.

Daryle L. Fontenot, Charlotte, NC, USA

I pledge to always consider the well-being of my team.

Andrew Schleppi, Denver, CO, USA

I pledge to bring well-being and a positive mental attitude into our workplace.

Stacy Schoen, Rocky Hill, CT, USA

I pledge to encourage my staff to join well-being webinars, participate in our healthy potluck lunch event, take walks outside, and join our Meditation Monday events.

Coming soon!