Kenny Martinez

“Focusing on well-being helps you bring your best to everything you do…”

Kenny Martinez, SVP, Operations, U.S.

“As AECOM employees, we recognize safety as part of our Safeguard core value and Culture of Caring. Safeguard also means supporting one another as we focus on our well-being and that of our families and coworkers. Like safety, our well-being is something we all need to focus on every day. We need to take charge of our well-being and the well-being of our loved ones. Having the right frame of mind, the right nutritional balance, proper sleep habits along with exercise and proper nutrition, will not only have a positive effect on your well-being but will allow you to focus on safety. Your well-being also has a direct impact on your ability to be a top contributor both at work and at home.  When you feel good, you can focus on safety, contribute more to your projects and you feel good about yourself.  Feeling good about yourself and being physically fit and alert will drive your well-being. 

For my physical well-being, I began a weight loss and exercise program, which includes walking every day.  In addition to losing nearly 50 pounds, I have improved my emotional well-being by taking quiet walks, allowing me time to meditate and organize life’s priorities.

Focusing on well-being helps you bring your best to everything you do, ensuring AECOM can imagine and deliver for our clients. We encourage you and your family to participate in Global Well-Being activities.”

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