Avinash Misra

“Happiness is the key to overall wellness.”

Avinash Misra, Operations Executive, India

“Happiness is the key to overall wellness. Being healthy doesn’t necessarily confine to physical wellness alone but signifies that one’s body, mind, emotion and energies are in harmony with each other and you feel wholesome within yourself.
To experience this state of overall health and well-being one must understand the science behind it and embrace it with complete awareness to achieve a truly healthy life, not just free from disease.   
AECOM’s Global Well-Being Month is not just an initiative but a collective step towards creating a healthy, collaborative and conducive environment for all to blossom and enjoy this amazing journey we call ‘Life’ while delivering the best.
Well-being initiative is also well-timed with the ‘International Day of Yoga’ celebration on 21 June for us to engage in meaningful activities and celebrate well-being. Let us come together to create excitement, expand engagement, create a network of local Well-Being Ambassadors to elevate resiliency and support productivity and empower employees to be their best by unlocking opportunities for connection, growth and joy.    
Wishing you a healthy and blissful life ahead!”

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