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Meet our Super 6

Thank you to all who participated in the Super 6 challenge. The personal stories about your well-being journeys had a positive impact on your colleagues and inspired the AECOM global community! It has truly been a super six months. Click on each of the winners to learn more about their story, and feel free to browse the other 100+ stories below that were submitted throughout the challenge.



Darren Rounce

United Kingdom   |   June 30, 2021

Good day everyone 🙂 Previously I used to think of sleep as a waste of time and sometimes found something to do, that I felt was more interesting. As a father of five and someone whom used to travel a lot with work, being at home in my space when the family had gone to sleep seemed desirable. As I have become older this habit is not so easy to maintain and has knock on effects that were not quite as prevalent before. I think I always new the truth of the matter, but there was a little voice in me that said I was super human (just me?). Since joining AECOM two years ago I have learnt more than I probably realise, not just what is involved within my new role but also the experience of working within an organisation, where there is an obvious interest in the wellbeing of everyone. This week I have downloaded the “myStrength” app to my mobile and set a plan so as not fall back into bad habits with my sleep patterns. I have been using the mindfulness breathing techniques for a few of weeks now and they definitely help me in preparation, to focus on a new task. The has a number of positive and useful areas to explore and this morning I have viewed the tips for setting wellbeing goals. From this I shall be producing a Vision board (portable in my note book) featuring my goal to become fitter so that I can be prepared for when we (my team mates) can resume table tennis competition, after the rules allow. To start with I shall be aiming to double my steps per day and use my bicycle for approximately 30-60mins a day at the weekend. I know it’s that its not the schedule of an athlete and some may chuckle at this, though rest assured no lycra will be involved in the achievement of this goal.

Phil Tropea
United States
Phil Tropea

Nice sense of focus Darren, A good and adequate amount of sleep is very important in fact I’ve heard that sleep deprivation can actually damage our genetics…
I also focus on healthy eating and supplements.
As long as the supplements are water soluble your body will dispose of anything that’s not fully utilized, and our home eating habits have incorporated two glasses of water before sleep two glasses of water before meals and two glasses of water first thing in the morning… drinking water at some of these crucial times can avoid a heart attack and a stroke.
We’ve gone organic as much as possible and yesterday for the first time for dinner we had avocado fritters with roasted peppers and roasted garlic, boy it was a good !
Since it was so easy to prepare I told my wife oh great you could do the dishes… Oops, anyway you blend in mozzarella cheese with the avocado with some pepper and one egg and you can bake it or put it in an air fryer…
Keep up the good work !

Darren Rounce
United Kingdom
Darren Rounce

Thanks for the feedback and info Phil and I do like the sound of those fritters, I shall have to give them a whirl at home. Take care!

United Kingdom
Claire Kearney

I am a huge fan on myStrength – my post is focused on it. I’m still exploring and learning more about it’s capabilities and support each day.

United Kingdom
Emma Barker

Hi Darren. As a mum of two young boys, I often find myself staying up late when everyone is asleep just to carve out a bit of time for myself – just as you have done. I know that this isn’t always the best idea, particularly with a busy job. Appreciate the tips on the resources available, I’ll have to check those out.


Brett Humphry

United States   |   August 9, 2021

In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking although I recently had a bad crash and had to be life flighted off the mountain where I was camping. I shattered my pelvis and entire hip, had a 8″ laceration to the side of my thigh where you could see the femur bone and had two blood transfusions. The surgeon is top in his field and said it was the worst shattering of the hip he’d ever seen in 30 years. There wasn’t even enough bone left to put in a new hip. First surgery for laceration was 3.5 hours and my hip surgery was over 7 hours under the knife because they had to piece together what little bone was left, along with plenty of screws and metal plates. As I mentioned I had two blood transfusions and the doctors say I very easily could have died on the mountain because I lost so much blood from my gash to my femur. But I got lucky, as another rider, who was an EMT put a tourniquet on my leg once he found me. Then, I was in the Trauma Unit for 11 nights.

Now, it is 3.5 months later. I wasn’t allowed to bear weight on my right foot, knee or hip for 3 whole months. They said it would take 6 weeks to relearn to walk. I was walking with a cane for 1.5 weeks and now I’m walking without assistance. Still need to get stronger to walk well again. I have just been approved to try my Peloton bike, the doctors said I wouldn’t have the range of motion, and have ridden each ride by increasing my rides by 5 minutes more. I’m up to 20 minutes and about 3 miles a ride. I also go to Physical Therapy twice a week and have hired a top personal trainer that I will start with in 2 weeks. During these sessions, I’ll be working on my injured areas as well as the rest of my body, because I atrophied so much during the idle 3 months. Way ahead of surgeons schedule and getting stronger and better every day.

Thanks for reading and considering me!

Very respectfully,
Brett Humphry

United States
Beverly Richardson

What an amazing story of inspiration….thanks for sharing Brett.

Brett Humphry
United States
Brett Humphry

Hi Beverly. Thank you so much. It’s been a rough road but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m now walking pretty good and have hired a personal trainer and still go to physical therapy twice a week. I’m hoping this all aids in being able to get back on my bike again soon. I really miss it. Thank you for your support! Have a wonderful day!


Mariana Marcano

Australia   |   September 6, 2021

My well-being transformation started in 2018 when I felt sick with tummy pain every day, wasn’t sleeping well, and friends started “complimenting” me with “you look different, your arms look fatter, are you pregnant?”
Don’t get me wrong, all those comments contributed to making the biggest decision of transforming my life into a healthier one.
One of my good friends from school Sonia has become my health mentor. She always quotes Hippocrates, “Before you heal someone, ask them if they are willing to give up the things that make them sick.” Spot on!
I realised that I needed to change my habits and routines to feel better.
What did I do?
One of the most important steps in my transformation was to find help and support. You need to research and educate yourself with meaningful content that nurtures and guides your journey.
I started with a dietitian (from the Australian health system) who gave great advice on starting my health journey. I also visited a sports expert who guided me on what exercises to do to build a routine.
People procrastinate their decisions to be healthier because they think that dietitians, personal trainers, gym memberships are expensive and can’t afford it. Guess what. I didn’t have to pay for anything. I always used free resources, and I did a lot of self-learning.
What did I implement?
Healthy eating. “Are you on a diet?” NO, NO. Diets have limits. I eat healthily and in BALANCE! I sometimes crave pizza or ice cream, but I crave vegetables and delicious protein most of my days.
Exercise. I would be the kind of person that says “I can’t run” or “I can’t do a push-up”. I was doing yoga sometimes, a Zumba class to move this Latin body, but no more than that.
It’s not that I jumped to exercise crazily. I slowly progressed into routines and the habit. I started feeling in love, enjoying what I was doing and loving my body and mind results. I’m proud of my endurance and resistance.
Meditation. Apart from my usual yoga, I started a 21-day meditation to lose weight. Weird right? It’s not that you lose weight meditating, but you can undoubtedly transform your mindset to understand that you are strong, can do everything you want in life, and feel empowered. You are capable of everything.
My mindset is stronger than ever. Because when you are patient and have commitment, discipline, determination, motivation and inspiration, you are capable of anything.
I came to Australia 11 years ago with beautiful 57 kilos, really skinny. December 2018, I reached 70 kilos. September 2021, I weigh 60 kilos and practice yoga, pilates and CrossFit.
Today I am proud to be part of a company that supports my wellbeing journey. It makes me happy to participate in the activities organised in Canberra (walks, yoga classes, boot camps) because they keep me active and share quality time with my AECOM colleagues. I also have the opportunity to share part of my well-being passion and skills. At the end of September, I will teach a Zumba class for all employees in lockdown (fun!).
Thank you for reading my story

Roger Griffiths

Well done Champ!

Karen Billington

well done Mariana

Sarah Lawrence

Inspirational and achievable – the best combination!

New Zealand
Glenda Dobbyn

Inspirational, I started doing meditation and honestly it has really transformed my mindset and how I respond to challenges. What an inspirational journey Mariana.


Job Bergancia

Philippines   |   October 12, 2021

I miss outdoor activities, playing basketball, performing together with my band in front of crowded people, and climbing a mountain. I miss the traffic going to the office, the crowded street, the noise and smile of your officemates, and the small talk with different people that you encounter every day.

Yes, everything changes because of this pandemic. There is also a time that I feel sadness, anxiety, and depression. A 360-degree change in our daily grind setting. The good thing in AECOM there is a lot of platforms wherein you can collaborate, communicate with others, share your ideas and emotions, and read articles that can boost your resilience and wellbeing. Getting connected with my colleagues in AECOM here in Manila, to our colleagues in Bangalore to our counterparts in West and East of US and different team and bosses makes me motivated and feels like I’m with the crowd again.

I’m happy despite what is happening globally because there is still a lot of reason for us to get up, take a bath every day (haha) and get in front of our workstation and work hard for our future and especially for our family.
There is still hope in my mind hearth that everything is going to be alright like what Bob Marley says. Let’s just focus on our goal, pray for it and work hard for it.
Tomorrow is a new day and I believed that tomorrow I can go back to the outdoor and climb the mountains.

Thank you for reading and I hope I share something with you.

Job Bergancia

Divyasri Manoharan

Thank you for sharing!

Santanu Chakrabartty

Thanks 🙂



Oliver San Juan

Great perspective. Thank you for sharing, Job!

Life sure has changed since 2020, but with scenery like in your photo there are plenty of “good things” to immerse in.
Thanks for your insight

November December

N Kumar Pitchumani

India   |   November 30, 2021

The pandemic, which started in a small way, turned out to be a long-stretched endeavour. We got to see how soon the virus targeted the immune system and affected the lungs. We saw the demand for oxygen cylinders and saw how shortage of oxygen cylinders caused havoc and ruined many homes. This is when I thought I could put my practice of yoga, especially Pranayama (controlled breathing) to use.
I ventured out first to teach my near and dear ones at home, various breathing techniques to improve lung capacity, increase oxygen intake and ensure that all cells of the body thrive in oxygen. Slowly, I started teaching these techniques to my friends online. Within a few sessions I came up with a 15-minute regime which covered various forms of breathing. I have also learned an age-old Indian practice of healing named Varma Chikitsa (This is believed to be practiced in 1 BC) which is based on energy balancing in the body and does not use any medication. I introduced 5 Varma points for boosting immunity along with the breathing exercises. I also looked into various tools available on AECOM well being portal and adopted them for myself.
Soon, I started giving online sessions to AECOM employees in India covering this breathing and varma regime. Initially I used to conduct this daily for a week until the staff got a hang of the technique. Then, once a week and later whenever employees asked for. I used to follow up with those who continued the sessions on a daily basis.
I am proud to say that many of AECOM employees made this 15-minute regime, a habit and practiced it meticulously every day. Many also taught these techniques to their family members. Soon I started getting feedback from many. The biggest benefit was that very few of the ‘breatherians’ were affected by COVID 19 and those few had very mild symptoms which got treated very quickly. The other benefits accrued, as described by staff and friends were: increase in breathometer reading, good sleep, stabilization of BP, overcoming stress and anxiety, being active whole day, less tiresome, increased productivity, improvement in concentration and digestion, relaxed body and mind, getting rid of gastrointestinal issues like constipation and bloating. And obviously all these benefits were enjoyed by me and my family members too.
At the end of it I feel I have contributed to the society, to a large number of fellowmen, especially when every individual was in need of some emotional support during the pandemic. One thing that I realized is….. ‘Life is breath, breath is life’. This is the greatest lesson the pandemic has taught me.
Added to this, my wife and me completed a 2 year Master’s degree course in yoga and now we are learning the oldest Indian language, Sanskrit.

Mahesh Ramamoorthy

I attended a few of the online sessions and practice some of the techniques routinely and definitely see benefits. Thanks Dr Kumar Pitchumani

Anand Kumaresan

Very good information, i attended several direct and online sessions of Dr. Pitcumani regarding advantages of simple breathing exercises and it was very useful. Request for more sessions forthcoming.

Nagamalleswara Rao

I have attended many online sessions along with my son during pandemic and improved our energy levels. Breathing exercises are explained in detail, once we practice along with him we cannot forget life time.
Thank You Very Much Dr.Pitchumani Sir.

Ranjeet Singh

I have attended online sessions during pandemic and improved my energy levels.
Thank You Dr. Pitchumani Sir.

Aakash Singh Thakur

I have attended several online Sessions conducted by Dr. Pitchumani. While the Pandemic, lockdown and negativity have raised anxiety levels, breathing exercises have helped me overcome stress. Now everyday, I feel more active and take proper sleep. I am grateful to him for going out of his way and teaching us breathing exercises which have yielded fruitful results in the health and life of many.

Venkat Nilla

I have attended online sessions of Dr. Pitchumani sir classes during pandemic situation and improved my energy levels. It was really useful.

Thank You Dr. Pitchumani Sir

Sarala D

Thank you so much for being an ambassador and driving Wellbeing at AECOM when it was most needed. Looking forward to see you touch many lives through your passion for breathing techniques.
Lovely Post!!

Subash Reddy

I have attended few breathing sessions which has improved my breathing capacity. Thank you Dr. Kumar Pitchumani sir

Rozil Anwar

Fantastic and practical information, i attended several direct and online sessions of Dr. Pitchumani regarding advantages of simple breathing exercises and it was very useful. Request for more sessions forthcoming. 🙂

Buddha Varma Nadimpalli

Dr. Kumar Pitchumani sir had conducted plenty of sessions. I think most of us are fortunate to have involved in these sessions and personally that helped me to overcome COVID 19 when I was effected.
Thank you Sir.

Gouri Krishna

Thank you for organizing the sessions during those days when we all were learning to face the Pandemic. The sessions boosted my courage to face the Pandemic, improved my immunity and felt active the whole day.


It is an excellent and simple way of getting more oxygen in our body during these pandemic situation. Keep it up. My
best regards to Dr. Kumar Pitchumani.

Sriradhika Majumdar

Very good information Sir, i have attended direct and sessions of Dr. Pitcumani regarding advantages of simple breathing exercises and it was very useful. Thank you so much Sir.

Sanjay Ghosh

Indeed a wonderful initiative at the time when it was most needed. Benefits can be provided in many ways & this was one of the best way.

Harini Thirumaran

I have attended the breathing sessions conducted by Dr. Kumar Pitchumani Sir during the pandemic period and it was very useful to boost the immunity and also those breathing exercises make me active the whole day. Thank you Sir

M j
Mary john

I have attended the breathing sessions of Dr Pitchumani and continue doing those exercises. Thankyou Sir.


When we were facing pandemic situation due to Corona, Dr. Kumar Pitchumani sir had initiated breathing sessions.It helped me to relax mind and body, improve concentration and digestion. During my pregnancy the main problem was insomnia, I was practising breathing two times a day and it really helped me to sleep better. I would like to really appreciate the wonderful initiative.

Haranadha Reddy Gollapalli

Very nice story. In fact, I am also one of the persons practicing Dr. Pitchumani’ s deep breathing technic.

United States
Bibhuti Panda

I like the story

v a
United States
vijaykumar agrawal

Great story and good work Dr. Kumar

Diksha Kumari

Great initiative Sir!!

P k
Pradeep khurana

Great sir

Jeevan Reddy

I have been attended many sessions directly and online to get awareness about health and breathing tips from Dr. Kumar Pitchumani, these tips helped me lot to maintain stable energy levels and hence improved immunity levels lot during pandemic situation. It was really useful and still practicing me and my family regularly.

Thank You very much sir for your great initiation.

K s
Kathirvelu shanmugam

The breathing exercise and chewing while eating food taught by Dr. Kumar Pictumani was a good information which helps for digestion. Thank you sir.

Thavamani Gopinath

Breathing session taken by Dr. Kumar Pitchumani was very helpful during the pandemic. I was a Covid victim with lung infection and my recovery was fast due to the regular practice of breathing sessions. I always feel thankful to Dr. Kumar Pitchumani for his helping nature towards wellbeing of mankind. Thank you sir.

s k
sasi kumar

The Breathing sessions helped me and my family a lot in COVID situation.

Chander Khokhar

I do appreciate the endeavor by Dr Pitchumani to guide us on this very useful breathing technique. The best part was his continuous follow-up till it became my and my family’s habit.
Along with this, his 3-4 minute talk on wellbeing before a meeting / presentation ( wellbeing moment) is appreciated by all, our team, clients and vendors.
Thanks Dr Pitchumani.

Nagaraju Yanamandra

Good story sir.

Aniruddha Hati

It was a very good session, I joined online in a Teams call on a weekend Sydney afternoon. Able to saw many AECOM colleague participated there, which encouraged me doing the same later. Thanks Dr Pitchumani.

Manish Rastogi

Thank U Very Much Mr. Pitchumani for sharing your views and caring of the society during the hard times. The Pranayama is a naturopathy for keeping away the many health related problems and you have also proved it. Congrats to both of you on conferring Master Degree in Yoga and wish you both to keep on continuing your valuable contribution to the society through teaching & practice towards their well being.

Yogesh Kumar

Great story and good work

Sheela Thomas

I take this opportunity to thank Dr.Pitchumani for spending his valuable time and effort he spent on motivating AECOM team through his several sessions on breathing techniques. I have attended many of his sessions and learned some breathing exercises. And I have passed it on to my family members also for which I am very much grateful to him.

Giovanny Alvarado Gutierrez

Great story. Thanks for sharing!

Jayantanuj Podder
Jayantanuj Podder

The Breathing sessions helped me and my family a lot in COVID situation.

Sunil Kasa

Informative and enlightening

Gopal Laksh

DR. KP has been sharing his knowledge from ancient, proven health management practices and many have been benefited by adopting and following those. I see this post as a reflection of that experience. Thanks.

Pragya Upadhyay

Dr K Pitchumani, you deserve a great thank you! I have personally benefitted from the breathing techniques…..thanks

Amudha Tamilmani

Thank you for conducting breathing sessions and bring cure to various aliments with the breathing & Varma technique. Your contributions on social cause, giving back to the society and the people around you is overwhelming.

a N
anitha Narayanan

I take this opportunity to thank Dr.Pitchumani for spending his valuable time and effort he spent on motivating AECOM team through his several sessions on breathing techniques. I have attended his sessions and learned some breathing exercises. And I have passed it on to my family members also for which I am very much grateful to him.

Astha Malhotra

Thank you Sir for driving Wellbeing at AECOM when it was most needed. Looking forward for more.

s r
sundar reddy

greatest benefit is inexpensive . your body and time is healing machine.
benefit accrues because of “feel good factor” which is important for any health recovery.

Himanshi Kaushik

Absolutely inspirational!

Amruta Aradawad

Very inspirational & motivating…

Sravan Kanumuri

When I am stressed and When I am having food, First thing comes to my mind is Dr. Kumar Pitchumani words on Breathing & Chewing


Pitchumani sir is very encouraging and motivational. Besides of his technical expertise he will deliver good lectures on well being.

Raj Kumar

Sir, I Thank you personally for conducting a wellness session for us which was very helpful during the pandemic period.

Hemant Kumar

Pitchumani sir is very encouraging and motivational. In my 10 years of experience never get to work him directly but he is such a nice human being as I heard.


Thank you sir…for teaching breathing techniques to us….

j e
Saudi Arabia
john endicott

Not only does Kumar keep himself and his family healthy he generously helps lots of other people. He is na example to us all

Rajiv Passi

I have attended online sessions during pandemic and improved my energy levels.
Thank You Pitchumani Sir.

Hem Badhani

I have attended online sessions during pandemic and improved my energy levels.
Thank You Pitchumani Sir.

Govind Singh Latwal

I have attended online sessions during pandemic and improved my energy levels.
Thank You
Pitchumani Sir.

Nirmala Ramalingam

Dr. Pitchumani Kumar, is our mentor for well being activities who has taught us on Breathing exercise etc. I had benefitted a lot with this practice during this pandemic situation.

Thank You Sir for your mentoring on Well Being!

Narasimhan Narayanan

When Breathing Exercise (Pranayama as suggested by Dr. Pitchumani Sir) is Practiced in the Early Morning, felt that whole day is energetic. Thank You Sir

R k
Rajya Laxmi kotha

I have attended session before lockdown in our office very much useful . Thank you sir.

Veerubhotla Sudhindra

Very Useful and Old India Practice for recent Generations.

A Aruna

Very encouraging and motivational sir thank you.

Somasundaram Kailasam

Very interesting and vital excersice for this difficult period. Sure it makes our life easy and well being.
Thanks a lot sir. We are very grateful to you.

Raga PN

He has shared lot of useful knowledge about deep breathing, proper breathing, proper eating techniques to have a natural healing for any kind of physical problems. thanks a ton sir.

Rabindra Kumar

I attended online sessions which were taken by Dr. Pitchumani. Those were really useful & looking for more sessions like these.


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