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New, Improved and Just for You

Welcome to a new WellBeingAtAECOM.com 2.0

Here, you and your family have even more opportunities to make your well-being a priority — every day and in every way. You asked for more practical resources to help you be well and we’re delivering them to you through a more dynamic, digital well-being experience tailored just for you. Here are a few new features for you to explore:

  • Improve your brain health and cultivate your creativity with the new intellectual well-being pillar.
  • Visit the enhanced global Resource Center with new apps, assessments, articles, podcasts and more to support every aspect of your well-being. You can even share your favorite resources.
  • Connect with the Global Well-Being Community to share your well-being goals and navigate your way to better health and well-being with your colleagues around the world.
  • Pause and refocus throughout your day with Daily Well-Being Moments. 
  • Get inspired by our Culture of Well-Being — connect with local Well-Being Ambassadors, see how your leaders have pledged to support your well-being and nominate your manager to become the Well-Being Manager of the Month for their commitment to well-being. 
  • Spin the ever-popular Well-Being Wheel and find unique activities to improve your well-being.   

We encourage you to get familiar with the new resources at WellBeingAtAECOM.com and discover the many ways they can help you and your family be safe and well throughout the year when you need them most. 

Have a colleague or spouse/domestic partner you’d like to share well-being resources with? Invite them to join your well-being journey with you by clicking the “share” button in the upper right corner of the website. 

Coming Soon

Get ready for a new global well-being challenge, interactive plans to help you develop healthy habits and new ways to incorporate laughter into your daily routine.

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